Membership in any Lions Club is by invitation. We seek those who are leaders in the communities in which they live, and are dedicated to serving the programs and activities that help our communities.


The TVLC has the distinction of being the largest Lions Club in WV at this time. It is our commitment to our communities that attracts many members. We are well known for having a good time in our meetings, our fundraisers, and our projects. We are also well known for our joy of food preparation for our various activities. Our regular meetings take place at a variety of locations. During the summer months, we usually have an outdoor meeting at one of our member’s homes, accompanied by food prepared by the Club members. At other times we meet at local fire halls, churches, and community centers. Our meetings follow Robert’s Rules of Order, but disorder is encouraged as a way to keep the meetings fun. Our meetings are never boring.


All Lions Clubs have a slate of officers. We elect a new President each year, with three Vice Presidents under him. The Secretary and Treasurer usually serve long terms as they are the backbone of the Club. The Board of Directors includes these officers as well as a few senior members of the Club. Our Membership Chairman and Sight Chairman are considered important officers of the Club as well. Two other officers include the Lion Tamer and the Tail-twister. The Lion Tamer maintains Club property such as the Club flag, gavel, and bell. It is an honorary position usually bestowed upon the newest member of the Club. The Tail-twister is an honorary position reserved for a member with a good sense of humor. His job is to provide humor and discipline in an atmosphere of fellowship.


We want to thank our IT guy, Mark Branciaroli, for his contributions in setting up our websites, raffles, and auctions.